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About Nim

My story...

I arrived in Australia in the mid 1990s from India and faced many of the challenges most new migrants have to overcome. No social local job experience...

For the longest time, I thought my university degrees and my skills will be enough. 'My work will speak for itself' I used to believe passionately. But what a rude shock when I realised that wasn't the case. I discovered that no matter how skilled or talented you are, your work rarely speaks for itself. 

So, then, I happened to find my first job. But I realised very quickly, that communication techniques I had used back in my home country needed to be adapted to my new environment. I had no clue back then how to speak up in meetings, build a powerful professional network ,deal with difficult colleagues and gain visibility and recognition in the workplace. 

And so began my relentless efforts towards personal brand building and confident communication. The journey was a roller-coaster as I climbed the corporate ladder, leading finally to becoming an international speaker, author and mentor. It took me a couple of decades to fine-tune the powerful toolkit of personal & professional development techniques I now teach my clients.

Client Testimonials

"I am grateful to Nim for changing my outlook in life"

I am an outwardly successful person with a good job and great family. I was still not happy with my life and had a feeling that something was missing. I was stuck in a rut and lacked ambition to progress further.  Luckily, I came across Nim’s facebook page which made me think I could change for the better.

I had the most amazing experience talking with Nim about my life, work, hobbies, pleasures, goals and ideas of progress. Nim made me think for the first time about my strengths and areas for improvement in my personality. I really liked her style of going to the bottom of the problems and finding out that the solutions are actually not that difficult. I am grateful to Nim for changing my outlook in life.

I feel much happier about myself and feel confident that I would be able to achieve my goals and in general live a fulfilling life. I highly recommend the personal and professional jump starter coaching sessions with Nim.

- Dr Aabha Kalro, Paediatrician 

"Thank you, Nim, for being an exceptional speaker"

Nim facilitated an engaging and interactive discussion that was relatable and relevant. Her humorous style and ability to provide a positive reframe to the curveballs life throws us was very uplifting. Thank you Nim, not only for being an exceptional speaker but also an inspirational human.

- Corrective Services Industries and Education

"Nim was effortless, positive & her everyday anecdotes kept everyone hooked while she delivered important messages"

Enriching, empowering and enlightening is the best way to describe Dadar Women Network's meet and greet with Nim. She was effortless, positive and her every day anecdotes kept everyone hooked on while she delivered some important messages. DWN would like to thank Nim for her talk and definitely a lot of the women have gained momentum post it. All the best for the future.

- Dadar Women Network, Mumbai.

"Nim you rocked and put in extraoordinary energy in each and every participant present in the room"

M.A.D Foundation kickstarted Thursday Talk Series with inaugural talk by International Speaker, Author and Life Coach Nim Gholkar. Nim was at her best, very lucid language, inspiring sharing and simple doable things to be Little Wiser in life so that we become Little Happier. Many of her distinctions were very very powerful... like being brave along with fear, small baby steps but start action. Nim you rocked and put in extraordinary energy in each and every participant present in the room. M.A.D Foundation is looking forward to  a long term association with Nim.

Making a Difference Foundation. MUMBAI

"Her session has helped me immensely in personal and professional life"

I think I had a fair idea on what the gaps are and what direction I should be heading to, to close those gaps but I was not sure if my assessment of the gaps is correct/real/accurate and the way I am adopting to bridge the gaps were sufficient or right direction. E.g. being assertive i.e. being able to say ‘no’ where required or speaking up for yourself or your mind. I wanted self-assurance to be able to boost my confidence and to be able to make an impact

The session helped me big time boosting self-confidence by either assuring that I was on the right track to achieve my goals or helped me with new strategies and tips to help me pick the correct next action. Sessions helped me to further probe into detail on the aspects which are critical to my life and goals and helped me to pave a pathway to achieve them. Nim could easily gauge or understand my state of mind or dilemma that I would be in, at times and then helped to tailor the sessions and tips/ strategies to suit my situation. I learnt to be assertive in the way I communicate, I am way confident than I used to be before the session, I have learnt how to focus and achieve THE MOST important things in my life so that I don’t regret in my life later. It has helped immensely in personal and professional life. I have now started taking a different approach to things which has benefited me a lot – I now realise its those small steps and to plan and start rather than waiting for the right time (which never comes). I understand the value and importance of finite resources – time, effort etc we have in life and its not worth wasting it on things that would not matter to you when you will look back. I also feel that I am doing better for myself, personally and professional and feel satisfied  with life. 
Thanks Nim for being this awesome coach and its fascinating how you understand those unspoken words and state of mind to help us navigate through to the right path. 

I have learnt how to stop overthinking and invest time and effort in things that would really matter 
I have now been speaking up confidently enough 
I have now started to appreciate the finite resources and value them even more which helps me to be a better person and ensure I keep myself happy and satisfied. I am also putting in use tips to manage work life balance and being a better team player. 
...and more to come with time!

- Maziya Sarangpurwala

"Nim taught me how to become confident and use proper words at the right time"

Before I've joined Nim's Coaching program I would consider myself as "Half empty glass", lack of confidence, scared of failures, shy to talk to my manager.
The Coaching Program covered a lot of information, delivered in concise chunks that were easy to absorb. The structure was clear, logical and effective. Nim has obviously put a lot of thought and expertise into designing it.
Nim taught me how to become confident and when and how to use proper words at the right time.
We all have such talent but we all need someone to guide us to the right direction and perspective. Program helped me build my professional network at work and outside of work.
It's like I received a boost and confidence was all level high. 
Nim's Coaching program not only helped me solved issues at my workplace but it helps me into my day-to-day life with my family & friends.
Before joining Nim's Coaching, I was judging people by their actions and behaviour, but since I've learnt to be an observer I've discovered my life has changed.

Post Coaching I felt myself as "Half full glass", with more positiveness and focused.

- Vim

"After Nim's session I am more focused, and productive"

I met Nim at one of her workshops in Sydney. Trust me, the workshop was eye opening for me. Prior to the session I had several doubts/hesitations about various things including my goals, ways to approach my goals, and how to overcome the fear of trying something new. I was in constant fear and was unable to come out of my so called comfort zone. I was pretty clear about what I want to do, however, I wasn’t very sure about the how  should I proceed or how to channelize my thoughts. Things were scattered, too many ideas, too many action items, and as any normal person, I was unable to concentrate on all of those. After attending her one to one session i was so very clear. She advised me to focus on one thing at a time and asked me to approach everything step by step. I had never thought of that way before. Her advice worked for me and I was able to achieve my first goal... writing blogs quite confidently. I also started my Styling business....which is in its inception.


I was also lucky to get the opportunity of one to one session with her. After her session I am more focused, and productive. I have become a better planner. These have also changed my outlook towards situations and problems. Each time I face any problem, I look for solutions rather than thinking about problems alone. I am more positive, focused and confident than before. All thanks to Nim.

- Perry/ Style Talk with Perry

Video Testimonials