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ABOUT THE Creative Writing Skills Program


The program is made up of 3 sessions and each session will be 60 minutes in duration. These will be done once a week for 3 weeks. This is a GROUP PROGRAM (6 - 8 participants). If you wish to book a spot in the group program, please refer to session days/times below. The student will be expected to write a short story (up to 500 words - can be shorter for younger kids) and submit it at the end of the program. Personalised written feedback on the story will be provided by Nim. At the end of sessions 1 & 2, homework sheets will be provided to ensure the topics taught have been understood.

Session 1: 

  • How to overcome fear of the blank page and tackling Writer's Bock.

  • Replacing plain writing with descriptive language.

  • Understanding the basics of story beginnings & endings.

Session 2: 

  • Plot & Story Structure.

  • The art of 'Show, Don't Tell' to engage readers and bring your stories to life.

Session 3: 

  • Creating memorable characters & dialogues.

  • Improving vocabulary & Grammar Essentials.


Suitable for kids and adults. 

All sessions will be conducted via Zoom / Skype.

Terms and Conditions:


By enrolling in any program/course offered by Nim’s Niche Pty Ltd, Nim Gholkar and/or Gaea Success Academy, you’re acknowledging acceptance of these terms and conditions.


  • Schedule is subject to change to ensure optimal class size and programme delivery.

  • Due to limited group size, place confirmation is only upon receipt of full fees.

  • No refunds, exchanges or enrolment transfers are permitted.

  • Maximum one makeup class allowed. (To be taken within one month of missing class and subject to schedule availability.

  • Participants indulging in offensive behaviour / comments will be removed from the programme with no refund of fees.

  • Nim’s Niche Pty Ltd shall not be held responsible for the actions or behaviour of any class participant(s). No liability is assumed for any inconvenience, adversity or loss suffered, online or outside, by any participant(s) or their parents/guardians, arising from or in relation to the enrolment or participation in any Nim’s Niche, Nim Gholkar and/or Gaea Success Academy programme(s) due to any cause whatsoever unless caused by the proven negligence or wilful misconduct of Nim’s Niche Pty Ltd.



Sunday, 11am - 12pm (AEST)

GROUP 1: 31 May, 7 Jun and 14 Jun

Bookings Now Closed

Sunday, 11am - 12pm (AEST)

GROUP 2: 21 Jun, 28 Jun and 5 Jul

Bookings Now Closed

After School Program


Wednesday, 4.30pm - 5.30pm (AEST)

GROUP 1: 27 May, 3 Jun and 10 Jun

Bookings Now Closed

Wednesday, 4.30pm - 5.30pm (AEST)

GROUP 2: 17 Jun, 24 Jun and 1 Jul

Bookings Now Closed
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