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Time Management Mastery Program


(All personal coaching sessions mentioned below are one-on-one with Nim Gholkar) 



Overwhelmed & exhausted trying to juggle all your tasks & responsibilities? Time to hone your time management skills, boost personal productivity and regain peace of mind.


In this 3- step TIME MANAGEMENT program, you'll learn:

  • How to prioritise everyday tasks to free up more time.

  • The art of setting incremental goals.

  • Powerful morning rituals to kickstart your day.

  • How to minimise distractions & time wasters.

  • How to stop overthinking & over-analysing.

  • The art of saying 'No' and how to stop trying to please everyone.

MODULE 1 (60 MINS): Time Management Skills

MODULE 2 (60 MINS): Goal Setting & Prioritisation Skills

MODULE 3 (60 MINS): Journaling for Productivity & Creating VISION BOARD

All sessions will be one-on-one, via Zoom / Skype.


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Fed up of not being taken seriously at work by your colleagues & boss? It's time to hone your communication skills! 

In this 4-Step COMMUNICATION SKILLS program, you'll learn:

  • Assertive communication skills so that people stop taking you for granted.

  • How to speak up in meetings & have your voice and opinions heard.

  • The art of saying 'No' and putting up boundaries.

  • How to handle office politics and difficult personalities who make your working day miserable.

  • How to present your ideas with clarity & confidence in front of an audience.

  • How to build a strategic professional network.

MODULE 1 (60 MINS): Assertive Communication in the Workplace

MODULE 2 (60 MINS): Handling conflict & dealing with difficult personalities

MODULE 3 (60 MINS): Public Speaking & Presentation Skills

MODULE 4 (60 MINS): Professional Networking Skills & Body Language

All sessions will be one-on-one, via Zoom / Skype.

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Communication Skills Mastery Program



How many years of your life have you wasted due to lack of self-confidence and low self-esteem? It's time to conquer your fears, overcome self-doubt and start living the life of your dreams. 

In this 4-step SELF-CONFIDENCE program, you'll learn:

  • ​How to step outside your comfort zone & dream big

  • Find your Life Purpose

  • Tips to deal with negative thoughts and overcome self-doubt

  • The art of standing up for yourself 

  • How to choose a powerful Inner Circle and nurture the right friendships

  • Effective decision making & how to form opinions on things that matter

  • How to stop letting others take you for granted.

  • How to overcome the habit of overthinking and trying to please everyone.

MODULE 1 (60 MINS): The Life Balance Wheel (How to recognise what's holding you back)

MODULE 2 (60 MINS): Detailed SWOT ANALYSIS to recognise your strengths and find your purpose in Life.

MODULE 3 (60 MINS): Overcoming self-doubts and the habit of overthinking

MODULE 4 (60 MINS): Exiting the Comfort Zone (creating an action plan to overcome your fears)

All sessions will be conducted via Zoom / Skype.


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Self Confidence Mastery Program


This highly-tailored and personalised 3-month programme is designed to help you create the life of your dreams. 

This 3 month programme includes:

12 x 1 hour coaching sessions (4 sessions per month).

Homework tasks with personalised feedback from Nim.



  • FREE copy of Nim’s 2nd book: ‘Unlock The Real You – Strategies for Getting Ahead Personally & Professionally.’


  • 1 hour follow-up coaching session (6 weeks after programme ends) to assess how you’re progressing towards your goals.

In Session 1, we’ll do a self-awareness activity to pinpoint which areas of your life are thriving and which may require a bit of work. We’ll also discover which fears, self-limiting beliefs and mindset have been holding you back until now from fulfilling your potential.

The remaining 11 sessions will differ from client to client based on learnings from Session 1. Nim will work with you to figure out short-term and long-term goals in key areas of your life so that you can begin designing the life of your dreams. 

Programme needs to be completed within 16 weeks of enrollment. 

All sessions will be conducted via Zoom / Skype.

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Empowerment Programme