4 Fatal Mistakes to avoid on LinkedIn

Linkedin, having over 400 million users, is one of the most powerful platforms which can open the door to endless business and corporate opportunities. Despite this, it’s surprising how so many entrepreneurs and professionals continue to make the same basic mistakes when it comes to their LinkedIn profile. So, in this blog, I’m outlining 4 such common mistakes and how best to avoid them.

1) The first mistake is ignoring the ‘Summary’ section in the profile. Many LinkedIn users make it a point to diligently outline the different roles and jobs they’ve done over the years but completely neglect the ‘summary’ section at the top of their profile. Big Mistake. In today’s busy world, most people don’t have the time to go through your entire job history. This is where the Summary comes in. In this section, weave an engaging and compelling story about who you are, what brought you to where you are today and what you’re looking for. This is where your unique personal brand needs to be reflected to the viewer.

2) The 2nd mistake is not having a photo in your profile. Research has shown that profiles with photos get more views than those without. So it’s a good idea to invest in a professional headshot as it makes a big difference.

3) Another common mistake is sending out connection requests before your profile is updated or fully ready. For example, if you haven’t updated your profile in months/years, it might be wise to hold off on sending requests. You see, people will view your profile before choosing whether or not to accept your request. An incomplete profile only sends the wrong signals.

4) The 4th mistake is confusing LinkedIn with Facebook. LinkedIn is NOT Facebook. So whether or not you’ve had a coffee catch-up date with your best friend is of little interest to your business/corporate network. Always ensure that whatever you post is professional and aligned with your professional goals and aspirations.