While speaking with a lady who sings beautifully, I paid her a compliment by saying: ‘Love your voice. You’re such an amazing singer.’ The lady giggled, shook her head and said ‘Oh no, no. Not at all.’ I was confused. She knows just as well as I do that she sings well. But like many people, she felt it was her duty to shrug off the compliment. I don’t blame her. It often boils down to our conditioning from early childhood. We’re taught to be humble and we’re also taught that showing off is an unattractive quality. I just wanted to point out that gracefully ‘accepting’ a compliment is not the same as being a show-off. Humility isn’t a virtue in each and every situation. Saying ‘thank you’ with a smile is really the only response that’s required when given a compliment. But if that makes you awkward you could add something like ‘Thank you, I appreciate it.’ A compliment is a beautiful thing. And recognising our own talents is an equally beautiful thing. Let’s start giving compliments the respect they deserve. Next time someone says something lovely about you, try simply thanking the other person. You’ll feel uplifted and the other person will find it a refreshing change 🙂