Readjusting to a new reality

Mother Nature understands 'transition'. She doesn't take us directly from winter to summer...She leads us there gently through spring. That's her way of readjusting and gathering strength.

Let's learn from Nature. For many of us, now is a period of transition & financial upheaval. Loss of jobs and income...businesses closing down...You need time to readjust to the new reality. You need time to grieve and let go.

If you feel like crying - cry. Don't hold the tears in. Tears are cleansing. They cleanse the soul.

If you don't feel like being very productive, allow yourself some downtime to simply re-charge your batteries.

Be kind to yourself in these not-so-kind times.

Some day, it'll get better. Some day this will be a memory. Hang in there. Even if it means navigating through Life one moment at a time.

Nim Gholkar, 2020