Are you telling TOO many people your future plans?

Have you ever come up with a brilliant idea to do something new or daring or different and then the minute you talk about it with your friends, they tell you it’s a crazy idea? They tell you it’ll never work or that you’re too old now. And then of course, because we’re human, we immediately feel demotivated and what once seemed a fantastic idea now loses all its fizz. We accept their frameworks for what’s possible and what’s impossible and completely give up on any plans to step outside the comfort zone. Unfortunately, this is one of the most common reasons people remain stuck in a rut for years and sometimes for their entire lives. I want you to remember that even well-meaning friends….friends who genuinely love you and have your best interests at heart….can sometimes give you advice that’ll hold you back. They may not be risk-takers themselves and so they want to protect you from disappointment. They say something is impossible based on their own personalities/experiences/upbringing/world-view. You owe it to yourself to find out if it really is impossible for YOU. And unless you try, how will you ever know? When you’re whipping up the courage to do something for the first time, avoid telling TOO many people about your plans. The more people you tell, the more negativity you’ll invite. Weigh up the pros and cons of the step you’re about to take, talk to a very small number of people who are genuinely able to guide you in the specific context and then simply grit your teeth and move ahead. You’ll be amazed at how productive you can really be when you reduce the number of nay-sayers around you. All the best! Nim Gholkar – Author #SuccessCoach #UnlockTheRealYou