As I grow older…..

As I grow older……

A birthday is not just being one year older…it is hopefully, at least for some of us, growing one year wiser…here are some of the things I have learned along the way:

A parent has just as much to learn from a child as a child from it’s parent. I watch my kids and their pure joy in the simplest of things…observing the myriad colours of a butterfly resting peacefully on the leaf of a tree in our backyard, discovering a long-lost pencil case within the higgledy-piggledy chaos of the study desk and giving a squeal of pure delight almost as though a gem has been uncovered, watching an aeroplane in the sky and gazing at it till it has disappeared from view, watching the sand in an hour-glass as it goes through at an unbearably slow pace….how pure is that joy and how truly simple is it’s source. We as adults believe that only major events are worthy of true happiness. Children remind us that joy is free and can be found in the most mundane and trivial things.

Friendships are not always forever. And that is not such a bad thing after all. It is far better to have very few friends who are there for the long haul than a multitude of friends that are simply there for the good times, and forget they even know you when the road gets a tad too rough.

Those that are the busiest of people will always manage to somehow find the time to get things done. I have met many an accomplished person, and not one of them has ever used the excuse “ I could not do it because I just did not have the time”. I have learned that if you want to get something done, there is always a way to get it done. And that “ I just did not have the time” is a very poor excuse indeed.

There will always be nasty people around…at work, in social circles, practically everywhere….one can either put up with them or one can ignore them….there is little sense in becoming like them.

If I had to choose between hard work and intelligence, I would chose the former….(of course, nothing could be better than being able to choose both)..I have seen many a hard-working soul reach crazy heights of success and many an intelligent person do nothing with their lives due to lack of motivation and effort.

You can tell a child not to make the same mistakes you did as a child, but you cannot prevent him or her from doing those same mistakes all over again….It is the one time you realise what your own parents went through when raising you.

A truly good sense of humour is not one that can laugh at and understand every joke that has been told…A truly good sense of humour belongs to tone who is able to laugh with abandon at oneself.

As I grow one year older, I realise that so many wise people have taught me so many wise things….wisdom lies in getting wiser each day….one must never stop learning….and believing that there is something to be learned from every one we meet along the way!!!

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