Before I wish you ‘Happy International Women’s Day…

Before I wish us all a happy International Women’s Day, I’d like us to think about (as in ‘really’ think about) the legacy we, as women, are leaving behind for the next generation. I’m not talking about how much material wealth or how many mortgage-free properties or how many family heirlooms we’re leaving behind for our kids. Instead, let’s reflect on whether we’re passing on a legacy of fear or of fearlessness. I’ve often met women who tell me, with a sparkle in their eyes, that they want the best for their children. ‘I want my children to grow up and be brave…stand up for their values…and not take crap from anyone’ – they tell me. And yet, they themselves are cowering in fear all their lives. They want their children to follow their dreams, yet they themselves have given up long ago on their own dreams. They want their children to stare a bully in the eye without blinking, yet they themselves are being bullied and abused ever single day of their lives. They want the younger generation to DREAM BIG…Ah…but they themselves are content with not dreaming at all. The next generation is looking for silent cues FROM US. They’re calculating how brave they can be by observing us. They will learn to fear everything, just like we did, merely by watching us set those examples. In a world riddled with fear…fear of failure…of ridicule…of what people will say….It’s our responsibility to raise a braver generation. So today, on international women’s day, once you’ve finished your most urgent chores for the day, I urge each and every one of you to pull out that dust laden box packed with your old dreams that’s just been sitting in the attic of your memories for all these years. Wipe off the dust…Then reach in and remove the dream you gave up on because someone at some point convinced your younger self that it was impossible…And then take the FIRST TINY step towards making it come true. The generations that come after ours will learn never to pack away their dreams in a dusty attic if we show them TODAY how we made our own dreams come true. So here’s to leaving behind a legacy of fearlessness. And it’s now time to wish the sisterhood….Happy International Women’s Day. #SuccessCoach #UnlockTheRealYou

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