Blurb? Title? Cover?

Here’s another short, quick post. How do you decide which books to read?

When choosing a book, I usually like to read the blurb and the first two paragraphs of the story. If the book hasn’t hooked me by then, I put it aside and continue the search. The book cover and title usually are my next 2 considerations. Yes, I agree that an eye-catching cover design is one of the strongest foundations of book marketing. And I guess, the title plays a huge role too in whether or not a book becomes successful. Since there are so many varied considerations when buying books, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Which of the following is the most important to you when buying a book?

a) Blurb b) Cover Design c) Title of novel d) Book reviews e) Recommendations from family/friends f) First few paragraphs g) Other (Please specify)

Looking forward to hearing from you 🙂

Cheers, Nim xo

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