Dear Anjali….A letter to my protagonist

A year ago, shortly before my debut novel ‘Diary of an Immigrant Bride’ was launched for the very first time, I had written a blog post in the form of a letter to my central character, Anjali. It talked about how it had been an awesome journey writing her story, how I felt mixed emotions about letting the world read what I had written, and how I hoped that everyone would love her as much as I did. One year on, here is another letter to Anjali talking about all that happened since I introduced her to the world:

Dear Anjali,

I’ve missed you! Missed writing about you! It’s been a year since the book was published. How time flies. You’re probably wondering what people had to say about you, right? Well, they had a LOT to say. Some asked me why you made that decision about Jake. And certain others asked me why you even bothered with Ravi. Every single person who wrote to me loved your friendship with Anne. I’m glad they did, because she was such a special part of your first few months in Australia. One of the readers wrote to me and said : ‘My favourite character was Anne. How can anyone be so completely at peace with herself?’ And yes, lots and lots of people adored Jake. I can almost see you smile and nod….Ah yes, didn’t you spend days convincing yourself you didn’t adore him too? Oh! that crooked tie of his! How often did you want to straighten it. And straighten it you did. That one time. That time filled with so much muted sadness.

People told me they enjoyed reading that last scene in the book….you know, where you go all dramatic and cry for the whole world to see. Talk about drama queen! But like Ravi said, ‘You always cried so easily. Some things never change’.

They were intrigued by Vibha and everyone agreed she’s ‘mysterious’. Well, mysterious she certainly was, hardly telling you anything about her personal life until that one day when she simply had to tell you the truth. A truth that you had half-guessed already, but was nonetheless disturbing to hear. And believe me when I say, the whole world was hopping mad about what Naina did to your faith in her. Are you still annoyed with her or will you let bygones be bygones?

Everyone wants to know if Jake will come back in the next book. I get asked that all the time. Shall we tell them? Or shall we keep it a secret? Maybe I’ll simply drop a hint by quoting one of the last lines in the book: ‘Who can predict what tomorrow holds? All we have is today. The past will someday be a distant memory. And the future is yet to be lived”