Do you ‘seek’ or do you ‘doubt’?

One of my favourite mantras, the one I live by, is: ‘There is something to be learned from every person we meet’. I enjoy meeting new people and am avidly curious about where they come from, what their life experiences have been, what lessons they have learned in their journey and I love incorporating any pearls of wisdom I may stumble across along the way into my own life.

Yesterday, I luckily happened to meet one really wise, well-travelled lady who was generous enough to share her life story with me. I sat enthralled for well over an hour listening to her…my cappuccino cooled and stayed ignored as I got engrossed in hearing about her many inspiring and heart-warming experiences.

Me being me, I could not sit still….I had loads of questions bubbling in my head which simply had to be asked. ‘So what exactly’…’But why’…’What if…’….’How come?’….My questions were constant and I absorbed her answers with care. I wanted to bask in her immsense wisdom and learn from the lessons she had gathered in her rather tumultuous journey. She never seemed to tire of my lively curiosity and gave much thought to every question of mine. I lost track of time…it was only when I happened to absent-mindedly sip my coffee, only to find it stone-cold, that I glanced at my watch. I was startled to see an entire hour had gone by.

Inevitably, as happens so often, I felt a little embarrassed at how many questions I had asked my very patient friend. That’s the trouble with us authors….we want to know the hows and the whys and the whens….we enjoy a good story and it doesn’t matter if we are writing one, listening to one, or watching one on the screen. A good story is a good story. I finally laughed a little sheepishly and apologised for being such a curious person and was thoroughly charmed by her response. She said to me: ‘Nim, yours is a ‘seeking’ mind, not a ‘doubting’ mind. A seeking mind wishes to understand…..a doubting mind wishes to negate… don’t ever admonish yourself for being curious. I enjoyed your questions. It’s the only way to learn new things….to grow….to evolve’

How beautiful a response was that….???

I came home feeling enriched by her response and grateful that I had been given the opportunity to learn from her. It strengthened my already strong belief that every person we meet has something to teach us, however big or small the lesson may be. And felt happy that she was kind enough to describe my penchant for probing questions as the ‘art of seeking’. So, if you’re curious about something new, and are embarrassed about asking too many questions, don’t be…..remember, a seeking mind only wishes to understand….and that is, in my humble opinion, a good thing.

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