Even with the best of intentions…….

Last weekend I DECIDED TO DO SOME SPRING CLEANING! The reason this statement is in big bold letters is because this was a big decision for me. Housework is not one of my favourite chores. Why do housework when I could be doing far more interesting things like….well, let me see…..reading my favourite books, drinking coffee and contemplating the meaning of life, singing karaoke, gossiping with my girlfriends….you get my drift?

But I’m nothing if not a realist, and I recognized the sad truth. Housework cannot be avoided. No matter how hard you try to ignore it, housework will wait patiently until you turn your attention towards it. Trust me! I have tried to turn a blind eye, hoping that it will miraculously get done by a genie, but alas, no such luck!

So! I began spring cleaning with much gusto and loads of ‘I can do this’ pep talk to myself.

Here is what I had envisioned at the end of one hour: A tidy wardrobe, an even tidier books cabinet, and two sets of amazingly sparkling and neat bedside drawers.

Here is what really happened! As I removed the first few books from the bookshelf, I looked at them in surprise. When had I bought those? I didn’t even remember I had them. So, of course, I had to open each one and check the first page where I usually scribble the date and place where I bought the novel. Aha! Of course. This one was bought two years ago at the book exhibition and that one was the ‘manager’s choice’ at the domestic airport bookshop. I sat down cross-legged on the carpet and made myself comfortable. I would get back to the dusting and cleaning in a minute…but before that, I would have a quick peep to see what this novel was about.

I flicked a few pages and came to a paragraph where the protagonist of the book was involved in a heavy argument with her two soon-to-be ex-best friends. Oh my goodness, this was so interesting. I would just read one more paragraph and then off to my dusting duties. As I read the next paragraph, I realized that the poor heroine was being conned into confessing all her deepest secrets. Was she crazy? How could she allow herself to be manipulated like that? No, I simply had to find out if she could really be as naive as that or was she simply putting up an act? I relaxed against the book shelf, promising myself that I would shut the book as soon as I found out where exactly this story was going. And of course, once I had made sure the heroine was safe from all the dangers surrounding her, I would resume my cleaning, mopping, dusting…..

One hour later, I was still there, biting my nails, anxious about the fate of the poor main character in the novel and eager to find out how the book would end.

I didn’t stop until I had read all the main sections of the book….you know, the ones with all the action and high drama and arguments and break-ups. In the end, I was so exhausted (emotionally) that I closed the book, returned it to its spot, and stood up. There was no time to dust now. It would have to wait until another day.

Oh well! I did try. Kind of. Well…..

Hopefully this is a fairly common phenomenon and I’m not the only one to have got sidetracked when doing housework.

Have you ever taken on a task and got sidetracked?

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