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©2013 Nim Gholkar All Rights Reserved Some days I really don’t like Facebook. Some days I adore it.

Every thing in life has a positive side and a negative. Facebook is no different, with its own share of pros and cons. This article is not about listing those plus and minus points…I am sure we will all agree on some and disagree on others. On a mere whim, I went through my list of ‘facebook friends’ last night and I was AMAZED at how many people I had re-connected with after years of no contact.

On that list are friends I went to school with. We shared ten years of our childhood, sat in the same class rooms, ran around the same playground, swapped secrets and gossip, trembled with awe and fear when our strict but beloved principal began speaking at morning assembly.

On that list are friends I went to uni with. We shared five years of our youth, deliberately missed certain oh-so-boring lectures while we sat giggling in the canteen, shared stories of teenage crushes and crushed hopes, spun dreams of what we would do when we grew up.

On that list are friends I did post-grad with. We shared two years of our ‘newly grown up’ life. Some were married by then, some on the verge of tying the knot. We were on the brink of taking on new and frightening responsibilities… a family, a mortgage, a career.

On that list are amazing work colleagues, who at some point miraculously transformed from colleagues into much cherished friends.

On that list also, are friends I met at different milestones of life. Some I played badminton with, some neighbourhood buddies, others are friends I met on lovely holidays in Nainital, Panchagani, Simla, Goa.

On those days when I am in my ‘I don’t like Facebook’ phase, I remind myself that if it hadn’t been for Facebook, some friendships would have remained fond but distant memories.

There are still some friends I am looking for who are sadly not on Facebook.

I am one of the most technologically UNSAVVY people I know…yet I have enough faith in modern technology to believe that some day I will re-connect with all those long-lost friendships.

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