FOCUS ON THE POSITIVE: The one habit that’ll make a difference

Many of us go through our lives complaining about the things that went wrong, saddened by what’s lacking and worrying about problems that may never happen. Let me share with you one method that’ll help you strengthen the habit of focusing on the positive. Start writing a gratitude journal just before going to bed each night. In it, write 3 -5 things that gave you joy that day or for which you’re grateful. It doesn’t have to be anything big. Small joys will do. And you know the beautiful thing that’ll happen when you get into this habit? You’ll go through your day actively seeking new entries in your journal. You’ll deliberately look for conversations, moments, experiences, interactions that’ll get nominated as one of your journal jottings. I write this post first thing in the morning (in fact it’s only 8.04 am here in Sydney) to encourage everyone to start the day with the journal in mind 

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