Focus on your strengths

In school, I was terrible at maths. When I say terrible, I mean it. The simplest equations left me confused. On the other hand, I was very good in English. But in my mind, that didn’t matter. I spent all my energy feeling like a failure because of the one thing I wasn’t good at. Funnily enough, while I didn’t spend a single second appreciating my strengths, I was obsessed with my weaknesses.

It was only years later that I finally recognised that honing one’s strengths, sharpening the tools one already possesses, is the path towards productivity.

Why do I write this? Because the human race in this mad world of today is struggling with despair. We are self-critical to the point of self-sabotage. While it’s good to be aware of one’s shortcomings and to work on them wherever possible, it’s equally important to discover what comes to us naturally and hone that talent. The universe needs your talent. Recognise it and become a master at it. There will always be things you’re not good at. Let that not stop you from discovering the things you were born to do.