From Me, To You !

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Dear Reader,

This blog post is exclusively for you and about you !!!

Ernest Hemmingway once rightly and wisely said: ” Writing, at its best, is a lonely life

It’s hugely different when I am in the office…surrounded by colleagues who are all yelling out jokes, asking questions, discussing the latest soaps on television etc etc (Of course, we do some ‘actual’ work too, now and then ;-))

But when I am writing, it is a different ball game altogether. It is just me and an often blank computer screen staring stubbornly at each other. I read a book a while ago which said there is nothing called ‘writers block’ and there is a definite science involved in generating a constant flow of ideas. Not quite sure if I agree, as I often find myself wondering what to write next. This is particularly so when I am writing my novel ‘Anjali’s Diary’. The end result you see on the blog is the product of endless exhausting moments of thinking, imagining, research, scratching out whole paragraphs and writing them out all over again.

I often wonder to myself: “Who would want to read what I have to write?” And do you know what has always motivated me in those moments of doubt (and believe me, there are MANY!) that every writer worth his or her salt experiences periodically? I will let you into a secret. Whenever I doubt my ability to write anything worth reading, I go back to the heady days when I first began writing ‘Nim’s Niche’ and slowly read, savouring each and every word, the wonderful, delightful, amazingly inspiring emails and comments you all wrote to me (and still continue to write to this day). With a humbling sense of gratitude, I read what you have to say, thankful from the bottom of my heart to you for being such loyal cheerleaders.

Some write one liners….sweet and simple messages encouraging me to blog more often . Others send longer feedback, with in depth, thoughtful suggestions for new and interesting ideas. No matter how brief or detailed your comments might be, it is all sweet music indeed to my ears.

I thank you for recognising how very much a writer cherishes and looks forward to any form of reader interaction. Without you all, Nim’s Niche, quite simply, would not exist!

So, please don’t be shy or wary about posting your comments. If only you knew how very much I love hearing from you 🙂

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