Girls’ Night Out

Once upon a time, I met a young woman who told me she never went on girls’ nights out.

I had only one reaction: Surprise. Why ever not? I thought to myself. Keen to find out her point of view (for, after all, there are the proverbial two sides to any coin), I asked her to tell me more.

She had a whole host of reasons (none of which I particularly agreed with, but was interested in understanding nonetheless): She could never understand this whole concept of Girls Nights Out (much overrated according to her). Why shouldn’t she take her family (husband and kids)with her wherever she went; Why spend time with girl friends when she could spend quality time at home with her family; shouldn’t a woman feel guilty if she wanted to spend time alone with her friends?

I listened to her rave and rant about a million reasons why Girls Nights out were not all they were made out to be.I had absolutely no intention of converting her to my way of thinking. For, after all, we are all entitled to our individual beliefs. But it did set me thinking about all the wonderful times I have spent with my girlfriends and what tremendous fun it has been.

We all take our roles as parents/spouses/partners seriously. And so it should be. We wipe tears, bandage scraped knees, cook, clean, supervise homework, drive from one sport activity to another, play board games even when we would rather read a book or watch a movie, lovingly pack lunches which sometimes don’t get eaten because “I was too busy playing”. That’s all well and good.

But I do believe that a little time, spent now and then, with your girlfriends, talking crazy stuff, laughing about nothing in particular, crying about the little trials and tribulations life throws at us, remembering childhood memories which had somehow, over time, been buried deep inside our minds, is therapeutic and definitely good for the soul.

I remember wonderful, precious times when I have met up with old friends…for that one special moment in time, we leave behind our daily struggles of trying to be the perfect parent or spouse and transform instead, just briefly, into the girls we once were. We clink frosted glasses filled with bubbly, and drink to our friendship. We laugh at the crazy things we have done through childhood, and end up weeping on each others’ shoulders about the little aches and pains which are the price we pay for being adults.

I do believe that every now and then, a woman needs to remember and be reminded that she too was once, not so very long ago, just a little girl. With no cares and no worries and no responsibilities. Who better to remind you of this sweet memory than your own girlfriends who too were, not so very long ago, just little girls.

Copyright 2013 Nim Gholkar All Rights Reserved

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