Hey Business Owner, are you awkward about self-promotion? Don’t be!

Many entrepreneurs struggle to find new customers. And yet, ironically, they’re uncomfortable doing the one thing that’ll help them build their brand and expand their network. And that is being able to talk about their business in an engaging and compelling manner. Because so many of us are taught from an early age onwards that being humble is a virtue, we feel awkward talking about ourselves. We believe that if we put ourselves in the spotlight, others might perceive us as arrogant or full our ourselves. However, in the world of business, even if you have a grand new product or you’re offering a unique service, if no one knows about it, it’s NOT going to serve you.

So, if the mere thought of talking about your business makes you break out into a cold sweat or dizzily awkward, here’s what you can do to make things a little easier for yourself. Instead of thinking about it as a form of ‘boasting’, think of it instead as a form of ‘education’. You are educating the people around you about the product you’ve created or the service you’re offering. YOUR BUSINESS, after all, IS THE SOLUTION TO SOMEONE’S PROBLEM. And you owe it to them to let them know you exist!

Having said that, though, self-promotion is an art and it must be done in the right manner. The reason it has such a bad reputation is that many people don’t realise it’s a 2-way street. There has to give and take. It’s only when we talk about ourselves non-stop that people become bored and mentally check out of the conversation. So, the next time someone asks you that dreaded question ‘What Do You Do’, avoid launching into your autobiography (however interesting it may be) and talking about every single product or service that your business offers. Instead, give a teaser about what you do and then pause and let THEM ask YOU a question or two. Also, show genuine interest in and curiosity about their line of work.

So, my friends, self-promotion is NOT a dirty word. It’s an art. And if done well, it can lead you on to astounding business success.

Until next time,

Keep Dreaming Big,

Love, Nim x