How’s things?

For many many years, whenever someone asked me ‘How’s things?’, I would respond with ‘oh, same old…nothing new’. Until one day, I actually listened to myself and felt annoyed about my predictable answer. Was it true that I had nothing new to talk about? And if so, what could I do to change the status quo? I thought about what I really wanted to do in life and there were so many things…learn public speaking….try go-karting…learn a foreign language.

When we make a conscious decision to reach out for our dreams by taking little action steps, we discover aspects of our own personality we didn’t know existed.

Now, when someone asks me ‘how’s things?’, I try to come up with something more original than ‘nothing new’. I’m almost certain that the lesser this phrase “nothing new” is used in day-to-day conversations, the more productive we’ll be as a community.