For years, I used to keep practising skills I wasn’t too good at in the hope that it would maximise my chances for success. After all, we’ve all heard that practice makes perfect, right?. This, however, led to lots of frustration and self-loathing because I had no natural aptitude for those particular skills. And then one day I recognised a fundamental truth.Yes, practice most certainly makes perfect, but it’s crucial that we practise the ‘relevant’ skills. Relevant to your goals. Relevant to your aspirations. Relevant to your personal journey. We don’t have to be good at EVERYTHING. It was the turning point. Every day since then, I’ve worked on honing my natural skills (ie mastering what I’m naturally talented at) and then finding the gap to see what other skills I can polish that’ll take me closer to my long-term goals. So, if you’ve been putting yourself under too much pressure to build your talent toolkit, take a step back to see which skills you ABSOLUTELY must have to move further up the ladder and then spend your time & energy focusing on those. If you’re not completely sure about where your strengths lie, you may need to dabble in a few different projects and roles before you can narrow it down to what you do best. And that can only happen by becoming curious and excited about what options are out there. Explore. Discover. Hone. All our lives we’ll always be mediocre at certain things. But if we focus on the right skills, we’ll be able to take a shot at true brilliance. Nim Gholkar, 2018 #SuccessCoach #UnlockTheRealYou