Whether it’s in the workplace or personal relationships, miscommunication and arguments are a common occurrence. So, how do we minimise these and increase our chances of maintaining harmony? Firstly, I’d suggest we always remember that the human ego comes in between and destroys everything most of the time. When faced with an irate boss, client or partner, there’s always one single, defining moment when we stop listening and start planning our counter-attack inside our heads. This is usually because the other person has said something that is outright false/insulting/unjustified. As soon as we hear something like that, our minds immediately launch into defence mode and we start preparing for war. The rest of what is said by the opposite person falls on deaf ears because we’re now only pretending to listen while formulating our excuses. After a lifetime working in high-pressure sales roles, I’ve learned the trick that can help you win hearts and lifelong loyalty. You can use this strategy at work or in your personal life. So, what is this trick? Let the angry person COMPLETE their ranting & venting. Let them speak without interruption. Focus on every word spoken instead of being distracted by what you consider a completely false accusation. This strategy has worked for me every single time. Visualise the angry tirade as a rinse cycle of the washing machine. All the negative emotions of the other person are being rinsed and flushed out. Once they’ve exhausted this negative energy, they will be more willing to listen to what you have to say. And THAT is when you start putting across your point of view: either of agreement or disagreement. NOT a second before. Quite often, once they’ve had their say, most people will be too emotionally drained to launch a second attack. It’s when we interrupt them mid-flow that things explode out of proportion. Your goal when faced with an angry person is not to win the argument…it’s to find out if there’s any need for an argument at all. Nim Gholkar, 2017 #SuccessCoach #UnlockTheRealYou