I’m sure we’ve all experienced it. We wake up in a great mood, ready to take on the world…and then either a colleague or a family member says or does something that ruins it completely. We get into a foul mood, cry, bring on a headache and the rest of the day is coloured by 50 shades of misery. The irony is that the other person disappears and continues their day blithely having no clue that they have ruined everything. Before I explain how we can combat this, let me tell you a bit about what’s happening inside our heads just as we’re about to get into our bad mood. The first thing that pops up is either our outraged ego or our crushed ego. We feel that the other person, through their thoughtless comment or behaviour, has insulted our intelligence or good nature OR they have battered our frail self-esteem to which we’ve been hanging on for dear life. As soon as this happens, all the goals/chores we had planned on completing during the day get tossed out of the window. We become paralysed with rage or despair. And then the mind starts plotting how we’ll interact with them moving forward. We imagine all kinds of role-play scenarios inside our heads. And all this time, the clock is ticking relentlessly and your goals are moving further and further away, making it impossible for you to catch up. Please note, this post is NOT about how to respond to the rude person or put them in their place. That’s a separate topic and a separate post for another day. This post is purely about how to not let something ruin your mood for the rest of the day. 1) Become aware of when you’re tottering on the edge of the mountain: When I was younger, a bad mood would take me unawares. But now, as soon as something annoying or frustrating happens, I can tell, just by tuning in to how my heart-rate has increased, that I’m about to snap or lose it. Becoming aware is the first and most crucial step. You at least have some hope of pulling yourself back from the dangerous edge. 2) This is what I always do next. I take a deep breath and think of 3 things I’m truly grateful to have in my life. Then I imagine how life would be if I didn’t have those 3 things in my life. It suddenly puts everything into perspective and I see the first tiny glimmer of a good mood emerging. 3) I firmly believe that goals that are not written down are goals that get forgotten. My goals for the day are ALWAYS written down in my diary, so as soon as I find myself veering towards a bad mood, I pull out my diary and look at all the stuff I have to get done. THAT IS THE SPECIFIC TURNING POINT FOR ME. I recognise the choice I am facing. I can either hand over the power to my bad mood and hope that all these goals will be completed another day. Or I can take action, And now for my special secret. VISUALISATION. I visualise how I’ll feel AFTER my goal is accomplished. I visualise the feelings of joy and gratitude. I visualise the sheer relief of having completed that pending task. Research has shown that Olympic athletes have used the power of visualisation to push themselves to victory. It’s also the strategy many successful people in different industries use to their advantage. As soon as I can ‘SEE’ the results even before they’ve happened, everything else fades out of focus. Yes, even the impending bad mood. When we start looking at a bad mood as a conscious choice, we can pull ourselves away from the dangerous mountain edge in the nick of time. Nim Gholkar, 2017 #SuccessCoach #UnlockTheRealYou PS: For more details about my success coaching and how I can help you find greater fulfilment, drop me a line at: OR pm me on FB.