Some people think so much about so many things, analysing & over-analysing every conversation, every text message, every glance, every argument, every situation….that they drive themselves to self-sabotage. The thoughts keep churning in their minds: ‘Why did she say that?’ / ‘If only I had handled that discussion better.’/ ‘I wish I could turn back the clock’/ Why did they look at me and whisper? I’m tempted to ask ‘Who Cares???’….but I won’t. Because I know it’s not as easy as that for those who struggle with this particular challenge. Very often, a desire to please others and a mortal fear of failure lie at the bottom of ‘overthinking’. Here are some suggestions that might make it a little easier to wriggle your way out of this harmful habit. 1) You could be the nicest person on the face of this earth, and even then you will annoy/frustrate some people. They will not like you despite your best efforts. AND THAT’S OKAY! Do YOU like every single person you meet? No, right? My point exactly. Liberate yourself from the desire to win everyone’s approval. You won’t get it. But the good bit is…you don’t need it either. 2) Perfection is a killer. Aim for progress instead. Sometimes, if we wait too long to put our ‘best foot forward’ in every single task, it merely prevents us from taking the ‘next step forward’. You’ll be mediocre at some things all your life but brilliant at other things. Know the difference and play to your strengths. 3) Use a timer to create a limit on your over-analysis: Tell yourself you’ll give yourself 7 or 10 minutes to worry with abandon. Worry, worry and worry a little more for that time period. Once the timer goes off, ask yourself a single question. ‘Can I do something to fix this problem/avoid the same problem again in future?’ If the answer is Yes, learn the lesson and move on. If the answer is No, move on straight away. Time is precious. If we keep living in the past, we’ll miss out on the fun and adventures of the present. We give other people far too much importance and power over us. There really is no need for it. The past is gone. The future is yet to be lived. Both the past and the future are perfectly capable of looking after themselves without your generous help. Your responsibility is to make the most of ‘Now’. Nim Gholkar, 2017 #SuccessCoach #UnlockTheRealYou