“I bet they’re gossiping about me” she said. We were at a social function and I had got talking with a young woman who looked quite distracted as she tried to tune into a conversation happening in a tiny group huddled at the far corner. I shrugged…After all, these things happen. But the woman seemed quite troubled. ‘I wonder what they’re saying’ she said, fidgeting nervously. “Why does it matter?” I asked. It was obviously a question she hadn’t expected and never really considered. “Nim, if they’re talking about me, I need to know what they’re saying.” she spluttered. “Why?” I persisted. Silence. This need to know what others think of us…what they’re saying about us behind our back is a modern- day curse on society. Why are our actions and decisions driven by what people will think? I know why. It’s because of the universal need to be loved and accepted by everybody. We do everything in our power to feel part of the crowd. Perfectly understandable. But if we keep worrying about acceptance, we’ll never have the courage to stand up for what we truly believe in and what we really want to achieve in our lives. When I made the monumental decision to give up my lucrative career in pharmaceutical sales to pursue my dream of writing novels and coaching people in the art of success, there were many who didn’t understand my choice. There were some who openly criticized and some who probably whispered behind my back. I had weighed the pros and cons of my decision and spoken with the people who truly mattered. After that point, nothing else mattered. If I had waited to win every single person’s approval, I would have been still waiting. So my message for today is: Don’t remain trapped within the need to feel accepted and loved by every single soul you come across. If there’s a step you feel compelled to take, and you’ve weighed it thoughtfully, go out and take that leap of faith. Of course, you will be criticized. Criticizing is the full-time occupation for some. But I assure you, some day you’ll look back and be grateful that you didn’t limit your potential merely because of what others will say. Nim Gholkar, 2018 #SuccessCoach #UnlockTheRealYou

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