Without realising it, this is one phrase that’s certainly holding you back in your career and preventing you from grabbing that promotion or prestigious assignment you’ve been angling for. When a boss, team leader or supervisor asks you to do something at work and you feel terrified or filled with self-doubt, you’re tempted to crawl back into the safety of your comfort zone and become invisible. Yet, you put on a brave frontand say ‘I don’t think I can do it…But I’ll try my best.’ You feel proud of yourself for having taken a brave stance. You imagine your boss being equally proud of you. But the reality is VERY DIFFERENT. When management hears the phrase ‘I don’t think I can do it’, they switch off mentally and don’t hear the rest of the words ‘But I’ll try my best.’ Slowly, over the months and years, you become known as the employee who has no faith in their own skills & abilities. And remember, if YOU don’t believe in yourself, NO ONE ELSE will. Next time, you’re asked to take on a new challenge or opportunity, listen carefully to the words you’re using. Instead of phrases that smack of self-doubt, choose to sound proactive, positive and excited. Try saying ‘Thank you for the opportunity. I’m excited to get started on it.’ There is no point complaining about remaining stuck in a career rut….Instead, take ownership for navigating your own professional journey. Communication is a tricky, slippery road…But once you master the subtle strategies, the sky’s the limit. Nim Gholkar, 2018 #UnlockTheRealYou #NimsNiche