“I wish I had what she has…”

“I wish I had what she has..” We sat facing each other, me sipping my coffee, she letting hers go cold. It wasn’t the first time I’d heard someone say this. ‘What does she have that you don’t?’ I asked, quietly although I had kind of guessed already. She looked uncomfortable but braved a response: ‘A bigger house…more holidays….smarter kids…a more understanding husband….more…’ ‘Stop!’ I said, not sure whether to laugh or be annoyed. ‘This is ridiculous.’ But guess what? This is the sad reality of today. So many people who have all the ingredients for happiness CHOOSE to be unhappy all their lives. You know why? Because the focus is on the wrong things. Who cares if someone has a bigger house, a sleeker car, a better marriage, the best kids in town? Who knows what battles they’re waging on a daily basis? Maybe if this young woman who was complaining to me had the smallest clue what all those people she envied had had to sacrifice to get where they are today, she might have been thankful for the life she was given. So, if you know someone who refuses to stop and smell the roses in their own garden, please remind them that things are not always as they appear. You may not have everything she has, but how much worse would life be if you didn’t have all the blessings you do currently have? When we learn to find happiness in the tiny things…a dewdrop on a blooming rose…a hug from a child…an unexpected call from a long-lost friend…food in the fridge…a shoulder to cry on when afraid…someone to call ‘family’…..it’s then that we grow up at last. Nim Gholkar, 2018 #UnlockTheRealYou #SuccessCoach #NimsNiche