It's your attitude...Nothing else.

Walking down the crowded streets of Bali, wilting under the fierce rays of the sun, I complained grumpily to no one in particular about how heavy my handbag was. It had our passports, my camera, tripod, water bottles - and the weight was beginning to annoy me. I scolded myself silently at regular intervals that I should have carried a smaller purse instead. A bad mood was about to descend but just then, I turned a corner and stopped in my tracks. On the footpath, a delicate Balinese woman (probably in her early 50s) sat cross-legged in front of a massive basket packed with cartons of fruit drink and boxes of chips and savouries which she was selling to passers-by. Suddenly, she decided it was time to go elsewhere. I watched in fascinated horror as she lifted the entire basket (which probably weighed about 10 kg) and balanced it on her head. As if that was not enough, she then tilted to the right and lifted a massive plastic bag (three times the size of my handbag) and placed it on one shoulder, then tilted to the left and lifted a similar bag onto the other shoulder. Throughout this balancing act, I could hear her humming a song. I felt deeply ashamed. There I was, complaining about a silly handbag - and here she was - at peace with everything she was carrying. And then she looked up and our eyes met. The teacher smiled at the student. Because in that one isolated moment in time, that's exactly who she was. A teacher, imparting a universal lesson - It's not the weight of our burdens that holds us back. It's HOW we carry our burdens that makes all the difference. So, here's my wish for us all - While we cannot control what life throws at us, may we always have the power to 'choose our attitude.' Merry Christmas everyone. Have a splendid festive season. Nim Gholkar, 2019 #ALittleWiserALittleHappier