Lost childhood

I’m currently in Mumbai, India on a work trip and staying in the house I grew up in….Last night, wrote an article sitting at the same desk where live so many of my childhood memories. As my pen moved over paper, there was a flood of nostalgia…It’s the desk where I read all my Enid Blyton books and later Nancy Drew. The desk where I wrote essays for the college magazine. And the very same desk where I wrote ‘Dear Diary’ entries as a starry-eyed teenager. There’s something soul-stirring about returning to your childhood home. That fleeting moment when you gaze into the mirror and see reflected in it the child you once were. Wherever you look, in every nook and cranny, lie embedded fragile memories Old conversations echo around you…images of laughter and tears…You remember the innocence of those years…the carefree abandon…the absence of responsibilities….And you wrap those memories in a warm embrace and recognise, at last, that somewhere within you, your old self still resides. In my busy life, I seldom get time to reflect on my lost childhood. But I recognise now that’s it’s the perfect source to draw energy from. Deep down, we’re still the child we once were. The child who believed nothing was impossible. Until life taught us otherwise. Whenever possible, even if briefly, let’s tap into the magic of childhood and re-connect with our old selves. It won’t be easy…but I believe that as we begin peeling off the layers, one at a time, our true selves will gradually begin to emerge. Until we finally re-discover the original masterpiece we were designed to be. Nim Gholkar, 2018 #UnlockTheRealYou

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