I know you’re afraid. We all are. Not necessarily to the same degree. And not necessarily for the same reasons. But the truth is that living in the shadow of fear has become the new ‘normal’ for many of us. ‘Overcoming’ fear seems too daunting a task. Why don’t we learn to ‘move through’ our fears instead?

Here are 3 easy tips to keep fear at bay:

1. Consume just the right amount of news

Each morning and each evening, I watch the news just long enough to gather the facts and ‘stay informed’. It’s important to know when to say, ‘This is enough for today.’ If we keep consuming the news, we’ll only get sucked into anxiety and despair.

2. Pick a new hobby

Working from home means we may have a little more time on our hands. Why not pick a new hobby or learn a new skill? I’ve recently started studying Stoicism (an ancient Greek school of philosophy) – it occupies my mind, leaving less room for needless fears.

3. Nothing lasts forever.

Think back to all the wonderful experiences in your life. Those precious moments filled with laughter and joy. Did they last? They didn’t, did they? You’re left simply with the memories. If the good times didn’t last, the bad times won’t either. Hold on to that thought.

Nim Gholkar, 2020