Mumbai…Bombay….the magic of a vanished age.

©2013 Nim Gholkar All Rights Reserved Whenever I watch my kids switch television channels, I am fascinated at my own childhood. Like all my contemporaries, I grew up in an era where television was limited to only a few hours a day, and for a long, long time there was only a single channel (I can almost hear the current generation gasp in horror!)

Come join me on my journey back into my own childhood (and yours too) to remember (with much fondness) the programmes we all grew up watching and adoring.

~ Chhaaya Geet : A wonderful medley of Bollywood songs. I sat mesmerized even through the boring ones only because I dreaded the programme coming to an end. ~ Phool Khile Hai Gulshan Gulshan: Tabassum, smiling her dimpled smile and interviewing her celebrity guests…….decades before the glossier ‘Koffee with Karan’ and ‘On the Couch with Koel’ came onto the scene. ~ Hum Log: In its time, this was one of the longest running soap operas in the history of Indian television. I can never forget the ongoing saga of the 3 sisters: Badki, Majhli, Chhutki ~ Fauji- ah !!! only one memory of this serial that lives on forever. The birth of my favourite bollywood star ever…Shahrukh. ~ Sunday evening movie: This was something the entire family would look forward to all week. Before videos were introduced, this was the only means of watching an entire Bollywood movie, other than going to the cinemas. ~ What’s the Good Word?: who can ever forget dignified and stylish Sabira Merchant as she anchored this quiz-show? ~I love Lucy: constant laughs as we watched the antics of the irrepressible Lucille Ball ~ Fireball XL5: The other day as I was making the beds and dusting the furniture, I found myself humming the title song……after ALL THESE YEARS!!!!! I searched it on the internet, and sat listening to the unforgettable melody.

Oh and before I forget, a quick word about the amazing advertisements we grew up watching. At a recent dinner party, we began talking about this topic and within minutes, we had all come up with the tunes and words of our favourite childhood ads…Some unforgettable ones are: ~ How are things with you? Do I see a welcome in your smile? (NESCAFE) ~ Happy days are here again ! (THUMS UP) ~ Jab main chota bacchha tha, badi shararat karta tha (BAJAJ)

I know I have only quoted a few examples… me remember a few more. I am sure you recall, like I do, the magic of those times !!!

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