My favourite character from the book.

My blog has been sadly neglected for the past few weeks….mainly because things have got a bit busy. I’m currently in Mumbai, India promoting my debut novel ‘Unravelling Anjali: Diary of an Immigrant Bride’ and the response to the book so far has been overwhelmingly kind 🙂 So, a big warm ‘thank you’ to all you awesome people who have read the book and written back to me to tell me how much you have enjoyed it.

The book launch at ‘Title Waves’ bookstore in Bandra went off well, and a decent number of people turned up…thank you! While I was on stage, I was asked who my favourite character in the book was (besides the protagonist Anjali, of course)…and I didn’t have to think twice before giving my reply. Jake Ellis wins hands down! So, why do I like Jake’s character so much? It’s not just that he is handsome and charming and debonair….yes, he is all that, but he is so much more. A wry sense of humour. An intrinsically decent person with a subtly hidden sense of right and wrong. A man who knows what he wants, and yet perceives how far he can or rather should go to achieve it. I could go on an on and on talking about Jake….but I will let you decide for yourself, who your favourite character in the book is….

So, if you’ve read ‘Unravelling Anjali’, please do write back to let me know who your favourite character in the book was….I’d love to hear from you!

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