My top 10 favourite movies.

Sorry for the long silence! Just been busy with this and that….mainly related to my debut novel. You know, things like hunting for the perfect book title, working on final edits, writing my acknowledgements, choosing a cover design etc etc…I never realised until recently how complex is the entire process (from conception to creation and finally through to completion) of writing a novel.

Anyway, here’s a quick, short post. Some time back, I wrote a post about my top 20 favourite novels. This one is about my top 10 favourite movies (in random order):

When Harry met Sally (I can watch this one any number of times) Aradhana (my absolute favourite, by the way) Amar Prem (oh, the songs!!!) Miss Congeniality (I love all Sandra Bullock movies) Pelican Brief (enjoyed the book thoroughly too!) Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai (a truly brilliant Marathi movie) Mr India (amazingly entertaining) The Hundred-Foot Journey (recently watched this in the cinemas. Loved it!) Roman Holiday (Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn…2 amazing actors) Last but certainly not the least: Sound of Music (although I know every scene and every dialogue by now, I can watch this classic any number of times)

Now it’s your turn! Let me know your all-time favourite movies. If you can’t think of ten, let me know a few. Looking forward 🙂

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