I’m super excited about today’s topic. I mean, wouldn’t you be if I told you some really juicy secrets about how you can spruce up your copy so that your sales page or website can go from sleepy to super-charged in no time at all?

Before I begin, let’s agree on two things, shall we?

You chose to check out this blog post after reading the title which means you’re serious about winning more customers for your business or company and increasing your sales. Am I right or am I right?

And secondly, if you’re serious about increasing your sales, you probably already recognise the importance of ‘words’ in getting your customer to say ‘Yes’. Am I right or am I right? If you answered ‘No’ to either of these questions, this article is not for you. But if you nodded along to both, then, my friend, you’re about to discover a few helpful tips.

As an entrepreneur (or sales professional), your dearest dream (finding new customers) and darkest nightmare (NOT finding new customers) are closely linked. Yes, you can’t wait for more and more people to discover your cute little website. But once they’ve stumbled upon it, you want to do everything in your power to stop them from clicking out if it and go looking for the next shiny object. If what they see on your landing page compels them to do little more than stifle a yawn, you’re not going to enjoy their hallowed presence for too long.

Ok…so what can you do to persuade them to stick it out long enough to discover all the exciting new offers you’ve lined up for them?

Capture their attention with your words!

Yes, it’s as simple as that.

Hey, stop, don’t scuttle away in case English wasn’t your super favourite subject at high school. What I’m about to share with you is so deliciously easy, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t do it before.

Ta-dah! Welcome to the magical kingdom of Power Words.

These are words you can use in your sales copy/landing page and anywhere else on your website where you want to encourage your dream client to BUY.

Below are the 10 most powerful hypnotic words in no particular order:

1) ‘Imagine‘ Gets you past the logical part of your customer’s brain to connect with their inner feelings. It gets them to paint a picture in their mind’s eye how life will be ‘after’ they use your product/service.

2) which means When these 2 words are used together, they’re a powerhouse. You’re holding the client gently by an imaginary hand and leading them to a context that’s a win-win for you both. Eg: ‘You’re reading this post WHICH MEANS you’re serious about winning more customers’ 🙂

3) Because When we give a reason, the bigger ‘why’, we silently override any objections that may have occurred to your client’s ‘inner critic’.

4) You There’s only one question rattling around in your customer’s brain as he or she reads your offer. ‘What’s in it for me?’ By using ‘you’, the content is all about the customer and not about your business.

5) Remember This word triggers a positive memory in the customer and whatever you’re offering suddenly seems ‘doable’

6) Free Who doesn’t want something for nothing?

7) Premium High-end products/services are often perceived to be superior in quality

8) Proven We love knowing that what we’re buying has stood the test of time.

9) Limited time offer Creates a sense of urgency. People want what they may soon not get.

10) You Don’t Need To A reassuring phrase that gives the client room for escape.

So, these were my top 10 power words…the ones I depend on on rainy days and Mondays 🙂

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Until next time,

Keep Dreaming Big,

Nim x