Sometimes I annoy myself!

Take a moment today to be fully honest with yourself. And ask yourself what's that one annoying/frustrating habit that you'd like to completely eliminate from your life. Why? Because it's no longer serving you (perhaps never did serve you) and which is actually holding you back from evolving into your higher self. Maybe this is a habit that annoys the daylights out of your family members or friends. Maybe it's a habit that you know deep down brings out the worst in you. Whatever it is - pick ONE behaviour pattern of yours that you'd like to change. And then commit to working on removing it from your lifestyle. ENTIRELY.

Let me share the habit I've picked for myself: As a creative person, I spend most of my time engulfed by my thoughts and imagination, weaving stories and adventures in my mind. As a result, I'm often absent-minded, forgetting to return things to their rightful place after I've finished using them. For example, I remove a jar of peanut butter from the kitchen cupboard and as I'm applying the butter to my toast, I suddenly think of a grand title for the third chapter of my fourth book. Giddy with excitement, I rush off to find a piece of paper to scribble it on. Guess where the peanut butter jar remains?

Over the years, this habit of mine has annoyed my family members no end. They could never find things because I was guilty of never having put them back where they belong. And if I'm honest with myself, I must say that it annoys the living daylights out of me too. Because I can never find things when I need them urgently either.

So, for 2020, that's the habit I've picked - that's the one I'm going to work on changing. I'm currently holidaying in Indonesia and I've started putting this into practice already. This morning, when I needed my reading glasses so that I could write this blog, I knew EXACTLY where to find them. Because I was careful to return them to my handbag last evening after I'd finished using them. Yippee!

Now, it's your turn. What's that one super-frustrating habit you'll commit to eliminating in 2020? Try and be as specific as possible. Saying 'you'll stop being negative' or 'you'll stop doubting yourself' is too general and vague. Instead, pick something more focused and narrow. For example: If you're someone who's constantly influenced by others opinions and if that's the habit you want to work on, promise yourself that before making any decision (however small), you'll always explore your own beliefs about the situation first. Once you know where you stand on a particular issue, you can then carefully explore other people's suggestions and advice before making a balanced choice.

An important side note: If you've been constantly criticised and made to feel guilty about every little thing by the people around you, finding that one habit to work on is going to be a little challenging. You've probably convinced yourself that everything bad that happens is your fault. Nothing could be further from the truth. Everything that goes wrong is NOT because of you. The way to overcome this dilemma is to start strengthening your self-reflection muscles. Regularly practise looking inwards for answers rather than seeking them from external sources. As you get to know yourself better, it becomes easier to recognise which behaviours genuinely need to be changed and it also reduces the impact of other people's unrealistic and often unfair expectations of us.

Commit to self-improvement today itself. You'll thank yourself twenty years from now when you look back and see how far you've come and how much you've achieved.

Have a grand and splendid 2020 xxx