STAY ON TRACK…How to achieve your goals

Hey everyone, hope you’re all doing well.

This post is part 7 of the 7-part motivational series GIFT I had promised you all not so long ago. Yippeee! (If you haven’t yet watched the other videos in this series or read the blog posts, hop onto my Facebook Page (Nim Gholkar -Author) and you’ll be able to access them all.

Today’s post is about how I go about achieving my goals. I’m pretty thrilled that I’ve stuck to my promise of offering a 7 part series to my readers. And I’ll use that example to explain how I hold myself accountable for my goals.

Now, we all know that making goals is the easy part. Yet, sticking to those goals, making progress and finally achieving them is a different ball game altogether. Life happens, we get side-tracked and before we know it, the goal is just a distant, foggy memory. We resolve ONCE AGAIN to do things right the next time around…we trick ourselves into believing that come Monday/start of spring/start of the New Year, we’ll start working on our goals all over again. Only to find that many Mondays have come and gone, many a New Year has rolled in and rolled out without us doing anything about our goals.

So, I’m sharing how I try and keep myself accountable for my goals.

1) MAKE YOUR GOAL PUBLICLY KNOWN Yes, I realise this may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it works for me, so I might as well tell you about it. One fine day not so long ago, I decided that I will put together a 7-part motivational series (made up of videos & blog posts) which I’d offer all my readers as a thank you gift for all the love they’d given me over the years. At first, I was tempted to make it a 3-part series. After all, that was WITHIN my comfort zone and could easily be accomplished within a few days. But you know me…I’m all about pushing the boundaries of one’s comfort zone…I’m all about stretching oneself…So, on the spur of the moment I decided instead to do a SEVEN part series. Inwardly, I groaned and many excuses bubbled up into my mind. I was too busy…I was writing my next book…I had my responsibilities at home…But I also knew that if I let myself be content with doing just a 3-part series, I would never know the joy of doing something bigger. So, seven it was!

Once I had decided on how many parts in the series, my next worry was that I would forget all about this goal the next day itself. So, I decided to make my goal known publicly. I hopped onto Facebook and announced that I would be offering a 7-part motivational series over the upcoming weeks. As soon as I did that, I got comments from people saying how excited they were about it and that they were looking forward to it. Great! I had successfully blocked all escape routes. Now there were real people out there in the real world EXPECTING content from me sooner or later. There was no way out. So, what did I do? I made sure I did exactly what I had promised. And today? GOAL ACCOMPLISHED!

2) HAVE AN ACCOUNTABILITY BUDDY If you’ve never heard of an accountability buddy, this is going to transform your world. An accountability buddy is a friend/family member/colleague/anyone really on the planet whom you can depend on to check in every day/week/month/3 months etc and make sure you’re sticking to the goal you’ve set for yourself. Let’s say, for example, that you want to start exercising. In the past, you would exercise determinedly for a week or so but after that, you’d get distracted and all resolutions to get fit would slowly fizzle out. What you can do is find an accountability buddy. TELL a friend/family member/colleague about your goal. Make your goal SPECIFIC. Don’t just say I want to exercise everyday. Instead, you could say something like ‘I want to walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes every day.’ Once you’ve made your goal known, ask your friend to check in with you at a certain time each day or on a certain day of the week (whatever suits you both). Do you know why this strategy works? Because when you know at the back of your mind that in half an hour your phone will ring and it’ll be your friend demanding to find out if you’ve stuck to your promise, you’ll hop onto that treadmill in the blink of an eye. The treadmill is just one example. You can use this strategy for any goals you set.

3) RECOGNISE YOUR DISTRACTIONS The biggest reason goals don’t get accomplished is because there are so many distractions in the modern world that it’s almost impossible not to get side-tracked. I’ll give you my own example. For me, Facebook is the BIGGEST distraction possible. If I let it take over my life, I really would get NOTHING done. So, what do I do instead? I tell myself that I will check Facebook ONLY AFTER I have written the next 2000 words of the novel I’m currently working on. Or that I will respond to all my Facebook messages ONLY AFTER I have done my 30 minutes exercise for the day. You get my point? You don’t have to eliminate all the distractions. You simply have to recognise what specific things take your attention off the goal, and then delay those distractions as long as possible.

So, these then are my 3 favourite strategies for staying accountable. Hope this post has helped you in some small way.

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