The First Step

Copyright Nim Gholkar 2018. All Rights Reserved.

The other day after grocery shopping, I was coming down the escalator. Diagonally across, I saw a young mother and her toddler of not more than 3 years, standing at the foot of the opposite escalator coming up. The little girl looked terrified of the escalator and kept asking her mother to pick her up. The mother placed her palm gently on her daughter’s shoulder and said:’C’mon darling, you can do it. Just take a step forward.” I watched fascinated. Her eyes large as saucers, the little girl at last placed a wobbly foot onto the escalator. You will never believe the look of pure joy that illuminated her face once she realised that she could do it. ‘There, darling, it wasn’t that hard, was it?’ smiled her mother. In a metaphorical sense, the escalator stands for everything in life that we aspire for or dream of achieving. Like the toddler who was afraid of the unknown, we all have our secret fears. Fear of failure…fear of ridicule…fear of being too old…fear of not having family support…Unlike the toddler though, whose mother kept gently urging her on, we don’t always have cheerleaders by our side to spur us on to success. Think instead of that young mother as your own inner voice. There comes a point in life where we must become our own cheerleaders. It’s always the first step that’s the most terrifying. It’s that first step that most people spend entire lifetimes avoiding. Trust me…out of all the hurdles that’ll come your way, that first step will perhaps be the biggest one. Grit your teeth, trust a higher force and simply take it. The momentum will keep you going. The truth is that deep down we are all the little toddler terrified of the big escalator called Life. You can let your fear win or you can embrace it and move ahead. Choose carefully because the consequences can truly be magical.