The Movie or the Book?

©2013 Nim Gholkar All Rights Reserved One of my all-time favourite memories is sitting around the dining table with a group of friends and debating about books that were better than the movies they were transformed into, and vice versa. It’s funny how we agreed on some and disagreed on others. Whether we agreed or disagreed, the conversations were always filled with fun, laughter and insight into others’ opinions. Here are some of my personal favourites (and I would love to hear about yours):

Books that were better than the movies (according to me ):

~ CIRCLE OF FRIENDS – by Maeve Binchy I might be a bit prejudiced here, because Binchy has been one of my favourite authors since as far back as I can remember. Her books are filled with magic! She transports the reader into the life and times of the protagonist, and it is almost as though the reader is experiencing it all. ~ THE NAMESAKE – by Jhumpa Lahiri Right from the first paragraph which depicts the main character Ashima eating a mixture of rice bubbles, peanuts and chopped red onions in a vain attempt to duplicate the popular indian roadside snack, the story gripped me with a fierceness that is beyond description. Lahiri is brilliant in her depiction of the main characters and beautifully captures the poignancy of those torn between two cultures. Mira Nair did a fantastic job with the movie, and Tabu’s acting of course is out of this world. For me, though, the book was just that tiny bit better than the movie….just a tiny bit. ~ Eat Pray Love -by Elizabeth Gilbert While the movie was well made, the book (which I read only after I had seen the movie) touched a chord within. This is one of those movies where I wish I had read the book before.

Movies that were better than the books (according to me): ~ BRIDGET JONES’ DIARY- by Helen Fielding I have never been a Renee Zellweger fan, but she is absolutely brilliant in the movie as Bridget. Hugh Grant and Colin Firth did amazing work and the movie remains unforgettable. ~ LIFE OF PI – by Yann Martel Although I could sense the brilliance of the literary work, the movie brought all the characters to life. Watching it on big screen left an indelible impression in my mind. A wonderfully made movie indeed. ~ GONE WITH THE WIND – by Margaret Mitchell I read the book in installments. It was beautifully written, but for some reason I could not read it in one go. But ah, the movie !!! Can anyone ever forget Clark Gable as Rhett Butler and Vivien Leigh as Scarlett? This is one movie I can watch any number of times.

So, that’s my personal favourite list, my friends. I would love to hear from you about which book you enjoyed more than the movie and the other way around.

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