The price of 'playing it safe'

Ever attended a dinner party you didn't want to attend because 'some' of your friends would sulk?

Ever laughed along with others at a cruel joke because it just seemed easier than letting the person know that it was an unfair thing to say?

Ever let someone walk all over you because you couldn't be bothered standing up for yourself?

If you spend your entire life 'playing it safe' and not wanting to 'rock the boat', you'll wake up one morning 10 years down the track despising who you've allowed yourself to become.

Some of your friends may be bullies in disguise who compel you to do things that go against your values because they 'know' you will not have the courage to push back.

What are you scared of? Not having any friends? Being left all alone?

Why is solitude so scary?

Remember...There are 7 billion people on this planet. There really is no excuse to hang out with the wrong people.

Nim Gholkar, 2021