The price-tag of wrinkles....

When you look closely in the mirror and notice the wrinkles and sagging skin, you think to yourself 'I'm not young and beautiful anymore'.

Do you know what earned you those wrinkles?

The many heartbreaks over the years...the challenges you had to overcome...the arguments you had to walk away from...the tears you had to gulp....the friendships you had to navigate as you battled peer pressure.....the bullies you had to stand up to and stare in the eye....And as you dodged the punches life threw at you, you picked up wisdom, serenity, resilience. Do you not see all that when you look in the mirror? Because you should.

You may not be young anymore...true.

But beautiful? Ah, the beauty of wisdom and resilience. Who can be more beautiful than someone who's learned to stand up and be counted? There's so much beauty in you. Look again in the mirror....past the wrinkles and sagging skin....and you'll see it.

Nim Gholkar, 2020