The Starting Point

Yesterday, I happened to be in Bandra, Mumbai. Saw one young woman standing on the footpath, looking a little lost. She looked here and there, peering into the distance as though searching for something. Frowning, she muttered to herself ‘I know it’s somewhere here’. She then turned to a roadside stall and asked the shopkeeper: ‘Where is Shopper’s Stop?’ (FYI: She was referring to a popular shopping mall). The man grinned and pointed upwards: ‘Aho, madam, varti bagha’ (Ma’am, just look up). Sure enough, she was standing right under Shopper’s Stop. The one place she had been craning her neck to find was at the exact spot where she was standing. No wonder she couldn’t see it. I was fascinated by that interaction. On the drive back home, I mulled over it. In life, we are constantly searching for answers. We try so hard that we end up losing perspective. And then, worn out and heart-broken, we quietly give up. A bit like that young woman who had tried so hard to find her destination, when all along, it was right there beside her. We are all on a journey…Between birth and death lie our unique journeys. We all want to get somewhere, and in the haste to get to our destinations, we forget to slow down long enough to take proper stock of where we are at this present moment. The answers you’ve been trying so very hard to find are probably staring you in the face. The answers that’ll determine the kind of journey you’ll undertake. We’ve all heard of people who struggle for years and still end up in the wrong place. Many times,it’s because while they knew their goals, they didn’t know their starting point. If you’ve been running around recently and are feeling overwhelmed, maybe it’s time to slow down just a little, and take proper stock before deciding next steps. A bit of clarity can take you a long way. But more importantly, it can take you in the right direction. Think about it. Even Google Maps asks you first for ‘Your Location’ before it asks ‘Choose Destination.’