Top 3 reasons your customers aren’t buying from you

If you’ve not been making enough sales recently, there’s something not quite right. So your first step is to identify the missing pieces of the puzzle and then meticulously put them in place, one by one.

Let’s look at the top 3 reasons why your customers aren’t buying from you.

* They can’t see how your product/service will ‘REMOVE THEIR PAIN’

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a sales rep, you’ve probably heard some variation of the below sentence at some point in your life:

“I can’t buy what you’re selling because I’m getting a better price elsewhere.”

A dangerous statement, indeed, particularly if you take it at face value and dive headlong into a price war. I’ve seen many entrepreneurs and sales reps who, out of desperation to grab the sale, slash prices and offer heavy discounts. Once you enter this trap, it’s a downward spiral. You’ll end up diminishing your brand and ruining your profit margins, neither of which you really want.

As soon as you hear this excuse, it should serve as a reminder that you haven’t succeeded YET in showing how your product or service can eliminate your customer’s biggest pain point. Most customers are looking for how your offering will provide a SOLUTION to the problem they’re struggling with at that given moment. Even thought they’ve used the ‘price’ excuse to wiggle out,  they’re still hoping you’ll show them how your product or service is the pain-killer they’ve been looking for. At this point, most salespeople make the mistake of pointing out all the wonderful features of their products. But the customer doesn’t care about the features. They simply want to know how you’ll SOLVE their current problem. This is the cue for you to focus on how the customer will BENEFIT by buying from you.

* They don’t trust you yet.

Human nature is such that before we spend money, we want to read about others who have spent on the same product or service AND had a good experience. If there are no positive reviews, testimonials or before & after pictures, you could have the greatest product/service on earth, but customers still won’t buy from you. If you haven’t collected enough testimonials yet from happy clients, now is the moment to begin. But simply collecting great reviews isn’t enough if your potential customers are not aware of them. Wherever possible, direct customers to a social media page or website link where they can read about others whose lives have been transformed or made easier after working with you. A customer is always seeking validation that they’re making the right decision. And what better way than to show them proof that they are?

* They can’t see a good enough reason to choose you over your competition

Many entrepreneurs and salespeople begin the sales process without first properly thinking about what sets them apart. What’s your USP – unique selling proposition- the special something that differentiates you from your competition. Price cannot be your USP because competitors can easily match it if they choose to do so.

Create some time in your packed calendar to sit down and think about one or two ways in which you go the extra mile. Do you have exceptional after-sales customer service? Perhaps a loyalty program where a customer is rewarded handsomely for bringing repeat business? Maybe you offer a money-back guarantee. There are innumerable ways in which you can convince a client to buy merely by adding value to your core offering. Once you discover the secret ingredient that makes you truly unique, you’ll no longer have to run after customers. They’ll come seeking you instead.

These then are the top 3 reasons why your sales are not shooting through the roof yet. Below is a summary how you can fix this:

  1. Present your product or service as a pain-killer rather than a vitamin.

  2. Win their trust by providing testimonials and before-after stories.

  3. Understand what makes you different.

Once you’ve mastered these three, your sales pipeline will have a constant flow of prospects that get transformed into customers.

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