Trying to always fit in…

Sometimes I end up having the most jaw-droppingly amazing conversations. Heard one lady tell the hostess at a dinner party ‘OMG. You prepared SEVEN dishes? Damn! Now, I’ll have to make 8 when it’s my turn.” I had never heard anything more confusing before. So I turned to her and said ‘Why?’ She raised her eyebrows as though wondering how I couldn’t possibly understand something so simple. ‘Darling, what do you mean? I’ve got to be one step ahead of the game. You know how it is.’ she giggled, winking at me. ‘No, I don’t know how it is’ I replied, to which she had no answer. This ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ syndrome…wanting to always be one step ahead of others…is driving so many people to misery. They put so much unnecessary pressure on themselves to present a ‘successful image’ to the world. People buy cars/houses/furniture they cannot afford merely to ‘keep up’ with the rest in their crowd. So here’s my personal perspective on all this. If your so-called friends JUDGE you by the size of your home or bank balance, the number of dishes you make when you invite them over or the gifts you bring them on your annual trip back to the country of your birth, you need to ask yourself if those are the kind of friends you want. Unfortunately, the nicest of people get sucked unknowingly into this pretentious game of material success. Perhaps it’s time to look back, reflect and think about those in your inner circle. True friends bring out the best in you….They don’t force you to join in the rat race of one-upmanship. We become the company we keep. When you look back and ponder over the best times in your life, you’ll most likely remember the love and laughter that was shared between like-minded souls, and not whether or not you were wearing branded outfits. After all, without those two ingredients of love & laughter, the recipe for friendship is incomplete. Your friends are your true wealth. Make sure you choose them carefully. Nim Gholkar, 2018 #UnlockTheRealYou #SuccessCoach

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