What a young maid in India taught me about happiness....

As I was scrubbing the bathroom this morning, I was thinking some not-so-cheerful thoughts.

'What miserable weather"...."Why isn't there a magic button that will instantly clean up every room in the house"....etc etc etc.

Suddenly I remembered a smiling young maid who used to come to our house in India years ago (when I was a child) to do the dusting, sweeping, mopping. Each morning, rain or shine, she would sing at the top of her voice (albeit a little off-key) as she rinsed the cloth and wiped the tiled floor. Her saree was old....her husband came home drunk most nights....her future was bleak. And yet...and yet....she found a reason to smile, to sing, to be happy. Even on those days when there was very little to smile about.

Isn't it amazing how happiness is an individual decision? We may not always be able to control our circumstances. But attitude? Ah! That's very much within our power

Nim Gholkar, 2020