What’s on YOUR Bucket List?

I’m fascinated with this thing called ‘Bucket List’. It seems to be quite the trendy thing these days and a hot topic of discussion at dinner parties. The trouble with bucket lists is that most people end up doing nothing with them. Right up to the time they actually do kick the bucket. That’s because these lists are static lists….they remain collecting dust over the years. When there are no time frames…no deadlines, there’s no urgency to do anything. A goal and a wish aren’t the same thing. Goals keep you accountable. Whereas wishes are the most undemanding things on earth. Also, a majority of items on bucket lists are larger than life and almost impossible to achieve straight away (due to circumstances). End result? A bucket full of regrets.

If, having a bucket list has been working for you…great! Otherwise, here’s a suggestion.

Assess what it is that you really want in life (apart from swimming with the dolphins and climbing Mt Everest -which feature on many a bucket list). And then, pick a few ‘achievable’ goals and break them down into tiny action steps. The first action step, however small, must be taken in a week’s time or less. And then put a definite time frame for achieving the rest of the goals.

And you know the magical thing? When you look back, you’ll find that you’ve achieved so much more than if you’d simply been dreaming wistfully about a vague bucket list you’d left for that elusive ‘some’ day. Remember, there are 7 days in the week. And some day isn’t one of them.