“If only it were easy” – the phrase that has single-handedly killed many a dream. Many people don’t realise that the skills and mindset that brought them to their current situation in life are NOT going to also take them all the way to where they want to ultimately be. To change some aspect of your life (whether it’s transforming a stagnant career, moving out of an unhappy relationship or starting a new business), you will need to change either how you think or how you behave and often both. Now, here’s the thing that baffles me: Why is there this obsession with things being EASY before people bother to attempt it. If it were easy, wouldn’t everybody be achieving all their dreams? We are asking ourselves the wrong question. Instead of wondering ‘Will it be easy?’ we need to ask ‘Will it be worth it?’ And if the answer is yes, just grit your teeth and go for it. Yes, it’ll be a roller-coaster ride, with lots of bumpy moments. Yes, there’ll be tears and the occasional tantrum (we’re all allowed a tantrum or two even as adults) and there will certainly be a fair share of failure. Just hold on tight. Like the roller-coaster which is at its most terrifying at a certain height, you’ll feel real terror as you try to change how you’ve always been thinking and behaving. But the rush and thrill of gratitude and joy as you arrive safely back on ground will be unlike any magic you’ve ever experienced before. Don’t give up merely because it gets scary. Just as the roller coaster dips down to safety after reaching the most terrifying height, the answers you’ve been seeking are making their way to you just as you’re getting ready to give up. Nim Gholkar, 2018 #UnlockTheRealYou