Who will be my next heroine?

The million dollar question….well, at least it seemed that way to me on all those days and nights when I sat pondering the question: ‘Who will be the protagonist of book 2…..?’ Anjali, the protagonist of my debut novel, was comparatively easy to write about and therefore it quite suited me to have her as the main character of the book, considering I was trying my hand at novel writing for the very first time. Anjali was simple, uncomplicated, impressionable…she was a die-hard romantic..a dreamer…a believer…in love with the idea of love. I enjoyed writing her story.

I knew that the next story would be either Vibha’s or Naina’s (both of them are secondary characters in my first book)…..but which of those two? Which of those two did I feel a greater connect with? The calm, mature, strong-minded, no-nonsense Vibha….or the giggly, mischief-seeking Naina? I had to make a choice. They both have very different stories to tell..they have both had their share of heartache, heartbreak, longing…and yet, they have both chosen very different paths.

As I was sitting staring into space a few weeks ago, pondering this question about my next heroine…a cup of strong, instant coffee sitting ignored and unattended next to me…chewing on the edge of a pencil as I scribbled my thoughts and agonised over this crucial decision, a sentence spoken by Anjali’s college friend Shehnaaz in ‘Unravelling Anjali’ floated back to me….Shehnaaz had said: ‘This is hardly something you can decide in a few minutes. It’s too big a matter. Just go with the flow and see what happens. Your heart will know what to do when the time comes.’

And so, I followed my character’s advice and just let it be….I would eventually know if the next book would be about Vibha or Naina…my heart would know…. And then one day not so long ago, I began jotting down some notes…some thoughts..random snippets….And I realised that it was Vibha I was writing about…Vibha, whose story fascinated me….

And so, dear readers, Vibha it is… the smart, self-assured and mysterious heroine of Book 2.

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