Why did you lie to me?

A long time ago, a dear friend lied to me about something trivial. At first I was annoyed. Then curious. Why would she lie about something so unimportant? I decided to ask her about it. Please note, I deliberately didn't choose to 'confront' her. Confrontation is too big a word and needs to be used with utmost care. She explained her reasons for evading the truth but those reasons didn't make sense to me. But...and here's the important thing...THEY MADE PERFECT SENSE TO HER. In her mind, she was right in doing what she did. And that is exactly why so many human relationships crumble. Because even though we have our reasons for doing what we do, others may not always understand or agree. That day I made an important discovery about friendships: There will be moments when your friends tell you small white lies for reasons only they know. I guess depending on the situation, we all do. As long as the friendship brings me joy in general and as long as the friend doesn't make lying a habit, I'm OK with us all having our own little secrets. Only YOU can decide how many things you'll sulk about. Nim Gholkar, 2020 #ALittleWiserALittleHappier