Why I write what I write…

After reading my (almost) daily motivational posts on social media about stepping outside comfort zones etc etc, one person asked me timidly: ‘But I don’t have any ambition to do anything in life. Is that wrong? I’m happy just cruising through life without achieving anything much.”

She’s not alone. Lots of people are perfectly content doing what they’re doing without pushing the boundaries. They’re also 100% certain they’ll never regret saying ‘no’ to the opportunities life presented them at different crossroads. To each their own. Wanting to tap into one’s potential isn’t compulsory in order to live a happy life. Neither should one be judged by how much one wants to push oneself.

Just as I’ve met loads of people like this young woman…people who have never felt the slightest desire to do anything different to what they’re already doing…I’ve also met those who are eager and hungry to experience everything life has to offer. My posts are for them! Because sometimes, even with the best of intentions, self-doubt can creep in. It’s that self- doubt that I try to keep at bay through my articles and videos.

Occasionally, in life, even the most determined people need that one last push…that one extra ‘you can do it’…that one ultimate ‘hang in there’.

If, after reading my articles, even one brave soul finds in them the final grain of confidence needed to move a mountain or two, I couldn’t ask for more.