You’re inviting me for dinner by sms???

I just finished reading an interesting article about sms invitations to dinner parties. It reminded me of a post I had written on Facebook nearly a year ago. Apparently, it’s quite the norm nowadays to send out invites, not just for dinner parties but also, believe it or not, for weddings via text messages. A woman I met at a social event many months ago had told me that she is against text message invitations on principle. ‘If people want to invite me over for dinner, they should pick up the phone and call me, instead of emailing/texting/facebooking/twittering…and so on’ was her view.

I had been fascinated by this topic. Until then, I hadn’t really given it much thought. ‘So, what happens if you do receive an invitation through sms?’ I asked her. She thought about it for a while and then said ‘Well, I would probably decline.’

It set me thinking. I guess I’ve often sent text messages to my close friends saying simply ‘Hey, how about coffee this Saturday?’ and received prompt responses which usually are along the lines of ‘Sounds good, mate. See you then.’ As for dinner invites, I guess I’ve been guilty of that too (again only with my close friends) where we’ve texted messages like ‘Hey, you free for dinner at my place next weekend?’ That kind of thing.

I guess in a more formal situation (or if you don’t know the person too well), it might be best to actually pick up the phone and call. Having said that, though, I’m pretty okay with receiving an invite via text, facebook or email. It’s quick, easy and convenient for me. Oh, and nowadays, I’m getting quite good at Whatsapp. So, there you go, I’m happy to receive invites via Whatsapp too 😉 But I’m sure there are loads of different opinions out there.

I’d love to hear from you about your thoughts on this…..

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